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At our Annual Meeting on Saturday, December 1, KLT awarded prizes to the finishers of our Exploration Challenge. 

The teams completing the entire Exploration Challenge were, in order of completion: The Gifford Family, the Roaming Robeys, Team Z, Tarnished Gold, and the Hiking Horgans. All were eligible for the prize drawing. 


First Prize: The Gifford Family. Hand-made walking sticks donated by the Litchfield Land Trust.

Second Prize: The Hiking Horgans. VanValkenburg maple syrup.

Third Prize: Tarnished Gold. VanValkenburg maple syrup.


Prize for the most creative photos: The Gifford Family. They received a poster-sized blow up of one of their submitted photos.


Teams that completed at least half the Challenge earned custom KLT Exploration Challenge t-shirts, designed by Connie Manes. These were the Gifford Family, the Roaming Robeys, Tarnished Gold, Team Z, the Hiking Horgans, the Hikers Burning Off Chocolate, and Duie and the Gang.




To read a copy of Lynn Worthington's article in the Republican American covering the Annual Meeting and Party, click here.

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