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Food Insecurity Is Real

Help Us to Be Part of the Solution

Photo 69 - KLT + MVF staff in greenhouse
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Even in bucolic Kent, there are people with inadequate access to fresh, healthy vegetables.  In the last decade, 10% of Litchfield County’s population was consistently designated as food insecure. During the Covid pandemic that percentage has risen precipitously to 38.4% with as many as 25,000 Litchfield County residents experiencing food insecurity. In Kent the number and frequency of visits to the Food Bank has nearly doubled.

In response to this distressing problem, KLT has partnered with Marble Valley Farm to offer forty shares of fresh-picked produce each week to families using the Kent Food Bank. This new Food Security Initiative is staffed by a dedicated farm intern who will help evaluate the program's impact and provide periodic reflections on her experience. Each share will be accompanied with simple recipes - like the one below - for enjoying Marble Valley's delicious and seasonal gifts.

The initiative has been "seeded" by underwriting contributions from a generous individual as well as a Green Pastures Grant from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. It leverages federal aid provided to the Town of Kent. But this is still not enough.

We hope you will consider supporting this effort. Our goal is to provide $15 of produce per family for each of 26 weeks during the farming season. Any amount is helpful and deeply appreciated! And should you wish to help with non-produce items, Davis IGA coordinates frequently with the Food Bank to encourage donations of needed non-perishables. 

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