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About the Kent Mountain Preserve

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The Kent Mountain Preserve features rugged terrain that climbs steadily from northwest to southeast toward the ridge of Kent Mountain. An old stone-lined path, crumbling stone walls, and cryptic charcoal mounds attest to the Kent’s iron-mining heritage. Today, mature trees dominate the property, though a wood road cuts back and forth across the slope, leading visitors to the northeastern edge of this 25.4-acre sanctuary. When the leaves are down, the wood road offers views of Kent’s Flanders Historic District and the hills defining the western edge the Housatonic River Valley.


Kevin R. Alger donated the Kent Mountain Preserve property to the Kent Land trust in December 2013. Mr. Alger’s generous gift expanded a swath of protected property stretching north from Segar Mountain Road between Kent Mountain and Cobble Brook. Together, these lands provide substantial and varied wildlife habitat, protect local water quality, offer numerous opportunities for hiking and nature study, and preserve one of Kent’s most beloved viewsheds.


The Kent Mountain Preserve is bounded on three sides by private property. Out of respect for the neighbors and to protect flora and fauna, please remain on the wood road during your visit.  Additionally, please be respectful in choosing a parking space--Kent Mountain Trailhead parking spot is temporarily closed. Please observe signage and park at Studio Hill Circle trailhead only. Thank you! 



Consistent with the mission of the Kent Land Trust, use of the Kent Mountain Preserve is limited to noncommercial, passive recreational activities. For more information about the property please contact the Kent Land Trust at (860) 488-9185 or

Acreage: 25

Distance: 1.7 mi to view and back; 3.1 mi through to Cobble Brook Vista and back

Difficulty: High

The Kent Mountain Preserve features steep, rocky slopes blanketed by mature oak forest and mountain laurel. The beginning of the trail winds steadily up along an old wood road. The trail then darts even more steeply upslope along a single rocky track, crosses a relatively level woodland, and traverses rocky terrain just below the crest of Kent Mountain.  Along the climb are charcoal mounds, stone walls, and a rocky promontory offering fantastic views of the Housatonic River Valley and, on clear days, the Catskill Mountains. From the view, one can hike back or continue through to Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy's Cobble Brook Vista trail system, returning to the Kent Mountain Preserve trailhead via Studio Hill Circle.

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