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Beeman Pond 2- Sallie Ketcham June 2014
Macedonia Brook State Park (4) MSimmons Aug 2014
Doss with Martin LWCC 7-5-14
Beeman Pond credit John Wenceslao Oct 2012
Laurel in Bloom  BShackleton June 2014
Sunset side of Kent Mountain - credit Matt Barket May 2014
MVF 4-29-14
martins marv two 6 25 13
Kent snowscape - Christine Branson Dec 14 2013
Icy Geer Mtn landscape spring 2014 credit Phil Lang
Witch Hazel March 7 2013

Protecting Land

The Kent Land Trust was formed to preserve the rural character of Kent by protecting open space. In 1995, the town adopted a Town Character Study & Open Space Plan identifying twenty areas essential to Kent’s rural character. KLT subsequently dedicated itself to promoting conservation in all of these areas. The town revised the Town Character Study in 2012 in connection with the Plan of Conservation and Development, and today there are 23 places and panoramas designated as priorities for protection. 


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