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Exploration Challenge 2023

A favorite activity to do with friends or family, our Summer Exploration Challenge is back!  You will hike local conserved properties, decoding clues to discover a hidden message and win prizes.  This quest will also reveal the date, time, and place for a participants' gathering at the end of the summer.

The Story of Everland and the Nine Islands Quest

In the Northwest Boundary Waters where the Great South Current flows

Nine islands lie in nearly undisturbed repose

In a place called Everland,

Where on these islands nine (and more, some say)

Enchantments cast by local elders slow the march of time,

Keep marauding ships at bay

And safeguard all the islands harbor.


Though man still treads the tranquil islands lightly

In farmers’ fields and narrow pathways, mostly,

Nature has regained the upper hand here, restoring balance to the land and

Giving refuge to Earth’s creatures, small and great, in all their glory.

But that, my friends, is only half the story.


You see, the archipelago of which I speak is in duress

Because the islands’ magic will not last unless the elders can engender

Their wizardry and wisdom in each new generation of defenders.


I present, therefore, an island quest, as follows:

Conscript a worthy crew and, starting on the nearby Village Isle,

Set forth on an adventure that will teach of:


Everland, in ages old;

Eight of its beasts and seven of the islands’ heroes;

The names and places of a score of forest treasures;

Where to gather, in late summer, with other salty nature lovers

To tell tall tales and celebrate each other;

And, after steadfast searching and upon profound reflection,

How one and all can aid in Everland’s protection!


So join up with your friends and neighbors,

Round up your mate and sons and daughters,

And set sail on a quest involving clues and maps and codes and creatures!

I should mention -- there will be hiking. I hope that will be to your liking!

If so, bring your wits and pack your boots and otherwise equip your band

To venture forth in Everland!


Everland Map 5.23.23.jpg

We'll have this working once we get some!

The Kent Trails book referenced in the Guide has recently been revised!  The new edition is available for sale at Sportsmen's Connection and House of Books.

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