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Scouts at SMS pond MCherniske
WEWA with attitude (2)
Geocache KLT Farm July 2013
Scouts with LDoss photo MCherniske
Dragonfly emerging - Tobin Preserve July 2015 - photo LDoss
On hike
Maggie and Brian with boom mike
SKS Orienteering students find Molly Fisher Rock winter 2014
Bryn Fred Field Notes (4)
Woody with garter snake
Group photo with nestboxes (2) 6-6-14
Programs & Activities
Land Conservation


KLT has identified prioritity areas for protection based on environmental resource mapping, and guided by the Town of Kent's Plan of Conservation and Development, which articulates the community's shared vision for preserving Kent's unique scenic and cultural character.

Land Stewardship


KLT manages its land in accordance with best practices in order to safeguard natural resources. Most properties are open to the general public, many with enjoyable trails and places to engage with the outdoors. We are diligent in ensuring that conservation easements under our care continue to protect their conservation values.



Kent is a great place to get outdoors! Hikers, bikers, trail runners, paddlers, bird watchers, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts will all find plenty to do in our area parks, waters and trails. For more information, click here.

Community Garden


KLT sponsors a Community Garden on prime farmland close to Kent's Town Center. Each year individuals, families and local groups come together to grow vegetables and flowers for personal use and donation to the community food bank.



KLT works to foster appreciation for the natural world and share information on how best to care for it. KLT partners with local conservation groups, local nonprofits, town government and our public and private schools to provide educational outreach, public programs and wildlife research. We help private landowners learn to improve wildlife habitat and treat invasive plants on their properties.


Help The Kent Land Trust carry out its conservation work and you help protect Kent's 
rural quality of life for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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