2019 Memorial Day Community Conservation Picnic

May 27, 2019

Heartfelt Thanks to our Picnic Volunteers and Contributors!

Janet Nelson, Picnic Committee Chair


Liddy Baker, Alice Benjamin, Mike Benjamin, Ray Bracone, Aiden Cherniske, Darrell Cherniske, Melissa Cherniske, Becky Collins, Ken Cooper, Mike Danon, Laurie Doss, Joe Dubray, Curtis Ek, Mara Elsesser, Carol Franken, Candie Fredritz, Elaine Freeman, Zoey Greenbaum, Michael Hallows, Victoria Hamilton, Chris Harrington, Alice Hicks, Jim Hicks, Claire Irving, Barrie Kavasch, Chris Kavasch, Lana Kennedy, Phil LaBell, Vince LaFontan, Adam Manes, Katie Moore, Wendy Murphy, Jim Norton, Alicia North, Lynn Perry, Judy Pinkerton, Charmian Place, Laura Rothschild, Will Saxton, Lorry Schiesel, Gwynne Seufert, Ken Seufert, Dana Slaughter, Maureen Smith, Able Zhou


The Joint Chiefs                                                        

Davis IGA

Kent Boy Scouts Troop 11

Kent Conservation Commission

Underwriters Lynn Perry and Michael Hallows