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Camp Francis wetlands Dec 19, 2013 G Hock photo

East Kent Hamlet Nature Preserve photo Gary Hock

boys on rock

East Kent Hamlet Nature Preserve photo Melissa Cherniske

Leinoff Farm Field hay harvest June 2 2013

Summer Hay Harvest on Kent's Southern Gateway

East Kent Hamlet Nature Preserve Beeman Pond Nov 9 2014 courtesy MSimmons

East Kent Hamlet Nature Preserve photo Mark Simmons

Country road

Country Road in the Tobin Preserve photo Melissa Cherniske

Bulls Bridge snowshoe2 Feb 2013

Housatonic River near Bulls Bridge

Welcome to Kent and our Land Trust!

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The Kent Land Trust serves our community by protecting Northwest CT's nature and beauty

through direct ownership of land, conservation easements on privately-owned land,

and assistance to residents practicing sustainable land management.

A nationally-recognized leader, in 2010 KLT became the second land trust in CT to be accredited

by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. With the help of many dedicated community members, we welcome the public year-round to free hikes and educational programs, Kent's Community Garden, and the treasured Marble Valley Farm.


We hope you will explore Kent's trails and open preserves, enjoy the local foods that carry on our agricultural heritage,

and connect to the unique natural aspects that make this place so special!    

We hope to see you around soon!


Fridays through October


Kent Farmers Market
KLT Field-37 S Main

KFM 08-04-2023.jpg

Saturday, July 19


Senior Hike
KLT's Tobin Preserve

klt 042524 9_edited.jpg
klt 042524 9_edited.jpg

Thursdays in August & September


Concert Series
KLT Field-37 S Main
(8/15 concert at Town Hall)

Concerts 2024.jpg
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Become a Member Today!

KLT's operations are primarily funded by the annual contributions of its members. If you haven't already renewed your membership please consider a donation - every gift is meaningful and supports our work maintaining Kent's trails and protecting nature throughout Kent and in partnership with colleagues in nearby communities.

We are so grateful for your support!

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Our Preserves and Hiking Trails are OPEN

A great way to exercise and find peaceful serenity in the fresh air and sunshine!

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Dogs must be leashed on our properties!

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Local Food, Delicious and Healthy for You and the Planet


We proudly host Marble Valley Farm on Route 7.

Come visit the farm stand and enjoy wonderful produce grown right where you can see it,

nestled in a lee of the Housatonic River and backed by the Appalachian Trail ridgeline.

Photo 66 - KLT + MVF staff in greenhouse

In 2021, in response to the distressing increase in food insecurity in our region, KLT and Marble Valley Farm partnered to bring shares of fresh-picked produce each week to families served by Kent's Food Bank.

This year we will be expanding our initiative--Please consider supporting this effort!

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