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This one's for the bird(er)s...

Bird cover page.jpg

This contest was designed for participants to: 

   Have fun discovering the bird species found in different habitats on Kent Land Trust Preserves,
   Learn how to identify birds by sight and sound, and 
   Contribute data to a local and global scientific database.

Participate individually or as a family and visit the six focal preserves as often as you want between June 1st and
August 1st, 2023. Backpacks with binoculars can be checked out of the library for a week at a time to get you started, however you do not need to have the backpack to go birding. Backpack resources (except binoculars and books) can also be found on the Kent Land Trust website.

Four categories for prizes/milestone stickers
❏ Under 12 with Family member acting as a proxy for eBird Account
❏ 13 - 18 years old
❏ Family Unit (can be multigenerational as long as birding in Kent Preserves)
❏ Individual over 18

In addition to contest prizes, personal milestone stickers will be given out when one finds 50, 75, and 100 bird species

Earn Extra Points finding uncommon or cool birds, photos of birds, photos and/or photos of participants out birding.

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