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Board of Directors
  • William Arnold, President
  • Jane Klein, Vice President
  • Dolores R. Schiesel, Secretary
  • Alice B. Hicks, Treasurer
  • Darrell Cherniske
  • Kenneth Cooper
  • Laurie Doss
  • Michael C. L. Hallows
  • Jay Kriegel
  • Joan Larned
  • Wendy Murphy
  • Janet Nelson
  • Jack Rafferty
  • Laura Rothschild
  • Stephen R. Vaughn
  • Marc Weingarten

Board of Advisors
  • Donald S. Connery
  • W. Paul Dooley
  • Robert H. Lenz
  • R. Graham Myers
  • Nancy O'Dea-Wyrick
  • F. Anthony Zunino, President Emeritus

Executive Director
  • Connie Manes

Office Manager
  • Gwynne Seufert

Kent Monument

Land Trust Barn Barbecue

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